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The Sims Freeplay: More Game Features & Updates for Everyone

The Sims Freeplay New Features


Like most free-to-play games, The Sims Freeplay gets regular updates from its developers. Part of what makes this Game unique, however, it comes from a video game giant like EA. This means that players are regularly treated with new content almost every week. That said, let’s take a quick look at some of the latest updates the developers dropped for the Game.

It may be school’s Out for Summer but not in the latest update of The Sims FreePlay! Version Five of the Game lets you enjoy and soak up the sun on a remote island. You can also take part in a new Survivor-style event in Influence Island. What’s more and interesting is that you will be able to enjoy some of the perks that the Sims Freeplay has ever made!


The Sims Freeplay School Zone


If you’re on to the challenge, you better start convincing your Sim to join a clan on the Island to earn and unlock a school-themed cafeteria reward. Another thing that can make you excited is completing the “L-shaped Rooms” quests. Completing this task will give you the opportunity to obtain the L-Shaped Rooms in the Game’s build mode. Plus, you can also start earning basketball hoops and bleachers in the most updated SimChase Season 18 on the Sports Day!

More Features to Encounter in the Sims Freeplay

There’s more stuff added to the Game to make it more interactive and exciting to the eyes of the players. Simple quests like completing the fun daily challenges in SimChase allows you to access new outfits, hairstyles, and more for teen Sims. Another exciting thing that awaits players is enabling you to transform SimTown into an active community. This is where your Sims can bargain and sell eco-friendly food in a brand-new organic grocery store. There’s undoubtedly enough resources for you to catch in this game version and even get the chance of having your market!


The Sims Freeplay Grocery


Lastly, one of the good news that the Sims Freeplay brought its players is allowing everyone to celebrate! This happens at every event where the make-up tool is permanently available for all teens and even male adults. You can earn school-themed cafeteria rewards when you convince Sims to join your clan on the Island.

As impressive as those updates may be, there is still a lot more content coming to The Sims Freeplay in the future. So what are you waiting for? Jump into one of the most extensive social gaming simulations today straight to your PC! Don’t forget to share the Game with your friends, family, and other simulation enthusiasts for a jolly good time!