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The Sims FreePlay: The Magical Morocco Update’s New Content

When it comes to life simulation games, no other title comes close to the Sims franchise. And that includes The Sims FreePlay. It’s a fun and entertaining game that millions of people from all over the world play. Despite being extremely fun, it’s still not unusual for people to get bored playing it. As you build your Sim-filled neighborhood, the game tends to get pretty repetitive. Oftentimes you’ll find yourself doing routine tasks as you try to give your Sim its ideal lifestyle.

This is why the game’s developers do their best to provide in-game updates to keep players engaged while playing. These updates usually include new content, as well as improvements and bug fixes to enhance the players’ gaming experience. The latest update for The Sims FreePlay is Magical Morocco. But what can you expect from the Magical Morocco update? What new things have arrived in The Sims FreePlay with this latest update? Let’s discuss all of these things in this article.

The Magical Morocco Update

The latest update for The Sims FreePlay brings many Morocco-inspired items that will let your Sims experience the magical place of Morocco. From the hot sands to the smell of spices in the air, the new update will surely keep you engaged. You can get various items, furniture, and other stuff to build a home right in the heart of Morocco.

However, many of these items are not available instantly. The update came with several events that players will have to participate in. Doing so can unlock many of the Moroccan-themed items. This makes the game more fun to play. Let’s talk about the new content that comes with the new update, and we’ll start with the events.

The Sims Freeplay NewUpdate

New Adventures Await Your Sims

Influence Island Season 4 is the first new event of the update and it began on December 25. This event will allow you to earn Moroccan-inspired kitchen items so you can create that Moroccan kitchen for your home.

Magical Morocco Live Event is the second event of the update and it started on January 1, 2021. This is an event that rewarded players with Moroccan-themed items. The grand prize for completing it is the Moroccan Marvel House template. This means that players who were able to complete this live event will be able to create their own Moroccan-themed retreat house and then decorate it with other Moroccan items.

Another new event that came with the Magical Morocco update is the Maternity Pack 13. It began on January 5th and it’s where you’ll get a chance to win maternity items and rewards. This is awesome content for creating more stories or scenes for your Sims.

The last new event that the update brought is the SimChase S23: Spa Skirmish. It started on January 12th. Winning on this event will allow you to unlock more Moroccan-style items and decorations making your retreat home Moroccan-inspired. The decorations that you will win focuses more on geometrical patterns and includes decorative floors, walls, art pieces, and fountains. Aside from these new events, the latest update also provides reruns of previous events so gamers can earn more rewards. There were a total of five rerun events throughout December and in early January.

The Sims Freeplay Magical Morocco

New Hijabs For Sims To Wear

The latest update also brought in new wardrobes for your Sims. They are in the form of hijabs and they’re now available for kids, tweens, teens, and female adults. The new wardrobe can be found in the refreshed Headwear category in the game. It was previously called Hats, so no need to look for that category as it is now called Headwear.

Final Thoughts On The Game’s New Content

As a simulation of real life, it is great to see the developers of The Sims FreePlay adding new content. The Magical Morocco update is a great example of a fun and entertaining update. It brings a popular vacation destination to the game, allowing you to recreate that magical place for your Sims to visit.

It’s also added fun that the items, decorations, and other Moroccan-themed stuff are not just available outright. The developers turned them into rewards for completing various events, which allows players to be more engaged as they play. Creative freedom is just as fun if you have goals to achieve along the way. Hopefully, the next update will also be as fun and interesting as this one.

If you want to try The Sims FreePlay along with the new update, you can play it on PC. Our free-to-play game download lets you experience the iconic simulation game on your desktop or laptop. You can enjoy full-screen gameplay along with customizable keymaps. We also have a basic guide so you could learn how to play the game. So hop on to the world of Sims, and experience the Morocco magic!