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The Sims FreePlay Update – What’s With the Party of the Decade?

Electronic Arts, the developer of the famous simulation game, The Sims Freeplay, recently announced the newest update of the game called “Party of the Decade.” This update includes exciting in-game quests, rewards, and events that can last up to the first month of 2022.


It’s Time to Have Fun! Join Anniversary Night Club Quest

The “Party of the Decade” update is called the Anniversary Night Club Quest, an exciting event you must not miss. It is a Sim FreePlay update where you need to get into the Sim Town Nightclub and dance with the Sim’s Game Team. Here, you will be getting free birthday presents every second day, and you will surely be amazed by what’s inside the said gifts.

Some of the gifts contain items that are exclusive to the anniversary and non-playable outfits. If you are an avid player of Sims FreePlay, you can easily recognize the Game Team as they are the ones that handle the Sims Twitter Community. The said event will last until December 15, 2021, and players can get their prizes on that day.

Sims Birthday Anniversary


Get the Mystery Box Keys

Moreover, in the Sims FreePlay update, the players will receive a total of Mystery Gift Box keys which unlocks a surprise gift. These keys are accessible in the Mystery Box Shop underneath the Weekly Tasks tab, in the Active tasks option. These unique keys will start to be available on December 3, 2021.

Be Active, Join the Community Contest!

If you are thinking of becoming an Influence Island Rival Character, this is your chance to immortalize your Sim character. Actively participate in this contest which will start on December 6.

In this contest, participants are expected to dress up their perfect party outfit, express their different personality sides, and release the inner party animal perspective. Once you’ve figured out your winning outfit, you need to post your character with the outfit and add to the comment #SFPPartyoftheDecade. Exciting prizes await the winners, so don’t miss this fantastic contest.

There are also other events included in this Sims FreePlay update;

Free Christmas Gifts

As the game celebrates its birthday and at the same time Christmas, the devs worked to give free Christmas gifts that include terrific rewards for your Sims. Starting December 15, you need to check the Online Store where you can get the free Christmas decor pack. This pack usually includes Christmas-related decors.

‘A Christmas Warming’ Seasonal Quest

It is a 13-day narrative quest where players are tasked to solve the mysterious summer exploit of Santa and know the right way to stop him. As you progress in the game, you will get the privilege to access the luxurious house template, Claus Compound.

Sims Christmas Warming


New Year, New You

Time to kick start your New Year by motivating yourself by joining the Influence Island and SimChase events, where you will get a chance to win exciting prizes.

There are also playable events that allow you to get amazing rewards and prizes. It includes;

  • Influence Island Season 20 Glamorous Christmas
  • Belle Hotel Live Event
  • Party of the Decade Nightclub Anniversary Event
  • ‘A Christmas Warming’ Story Quest
  • Free Christmas Gift Pack
  • Influence Island Season 21 Glamorous Garages
  • ‘Inner Child’s Play’ Player Favourite Event rerun
  • SimChase Season 36 ‘Scrappy Scrubdown!’
  • Maternity Pack 25
  • Influence Island Season 2 Scandi Décor
  • ‘Long Hair Hobby Event’ rerun
  • SimChase Season 17 ‘Feuding Families!’

Under the Influence Island Season 21 event, you are tasked to transform your dull garage space into something fantastic. To do this, you need to showcase your creativity mettle by utilizing a broad range of storage furniture, decors, and tools. If you are aiming to get a Lamborghini-inspired car, you better join this event.

On the other hand, SimChase Season 36: The Scrappy Scrub-Down Events aims players to do early spring cleaning internally and externally. If you successfully did the said event, you will be able to unlock the minimalist decor rewards, which can be an excellent addition to your home’s interior.

So, are you ready to party and join the awesome birthday celebration of the Sim Freeplay? Join the large community of Sims by playing this game on your PC!